Buying and Selling
Hormone-Free Livestock

Our primary objective at Village Green Livestock Trading Company is to offer buying and selling of livestock, which were humanely and sustainably raised by our farmers and ranchers, for your business needs. You can be rest assured that the livestock we provide are up to standard with the care that we have given. Give us a call with our contact details below for more information. 

Accepting Orders

Village Green Livestock and Trading Company is located in various locations in the Philippines. We are open to accepting orders from different parts of the country. Let us start our partnership today! See our contact details and give us a call today. 

Offering Livestock

Village Green Livestock Trading Company offers transportation of animals from our farm locations to your business locations. Contact us and we may have livestock arranged to be delivered on your doorstep in record time! 

Supplier and Reseller

Aside from buying and selling, we also offer supplier and reseller services for our livestock. Our opening up for suppliers and resellers ensures that our farmers are further empowered by providing them more business opportunities. Email or call us for more information today!

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